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Chef's Night Out: Brunswick House

We met up with Jackson Boxer of Brunswick House in South London, where we ate everything from calf's brain to pig trotter buns. What you've heard about London's food scene is wrong.

Jackson Boxer runs Brunswick House in Vauxhall—a grand Georgian townhouse that was previously home to squat raves and rubble, before he transformed it into one of South London's destination restaurants.

He takes us out for calf's brains, partridge and Stilton tarte tatin, and then Jackson and his brother Frank whisk us off to Silk Road, a fiery local Xinjiang restaurant in Camberwell. We then drink "extra terrestrial" Burgundy at Sager and Wilde and cocktails at The Clove Club, one of East London's new gastronomical staples.

Back at Brunswick for our late-night cook up, we chow down on pig's trotter buns and indulge in some killer grappa nightcaps.

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