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Let’s Revisit That Time Geri’s Giant Inflatable Crotch Was at the Brits

Artist Robin Harries takes us behind the scenes of that TV moment from 2000 – and looks back at designing a George W Bush effigy getting a blowjob from a dog.

When you think of iconic Brit Awards performances, you probably remember Jarvis Cocker hopping about and bending over to show his bum while invading Michael Jackson's stage in 1996; of Kanye bringing out Skepta, Novelist and about a million grime stars in 2015; of Geri Halliwell's inflatable crotch. Or, at least I do. For those unfamiliar, in 2000, Geri – then freshly split from the Spice Girls – stormed back into public consciousness by entering the stage from in between a giant inflatable stage set of her own legs, complete with a Union Jack "dress".


The Brits have picked up a reputation for offering up average performances from whichever new act the UK industry is relentlessly pushing that year. Until this year's Woke Edition, the nominations had ignored the surging wave in black music overall, with Kanye's 2015 set being the most viable way to sneak in the likes of Novelist, Skepta, Krept & Konan, Jammer and Stormzy. But back in 2000, Geri went in big, and ahead of this year's Brits ceremony on Wednesday evening I decided to track down Robin Harries, the man behind that performance.

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