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Pugs and Wooden Humanoids Unite in these Surreal Paintings

An artist mines child-like imagination to create a robot and dog utopia.
November 19, 2016, 1:00pm
On the Wondrous Second Life of Earth. All images courtesy the artist

An acrylic painter washes out his canvases with a sweet emotionality, making sure to cast his gainly muse, a pug, wherever he can. Driven by images that provoke inner peace, Joshua Charles Hart’s color-flooded paintings are free of the worries and anxieties of daily life. Approachable and silly in their childlike voice, the American artist creates tableaus filled with line and color and what can best be described as feels. Hart creates a friendly utopia where wide-faced wooden buildings develop personalities and find kinship in pugs.


The artist, who grew up in Santa Maria, California, lives with his wife, two children, and their dog Jinx. He describes his artwork to The Creators Project, “My body of work has always imbued a deep sense of tender emotion with characters and themes that seamlessly integrate both haunting expression and ironic truth."

In a collection of paintings, titled, So Quiet, So Small, the artist draws upon his childhood introversion to create art. "I heard that phrase ['so quiet, so small'] a lot when I was a child. I was always small for my age…lived inside my head a lot. I would create entire worlds in my head as a means to fill the void left by a social awkwardness. [This] is a collection of deeply personal expressions that focus on finding your voice and trying to be hear when you feel no one is listening."

Take a look at some of Joshua Charles Hart's paintings here:

A Dance with Me and This Moon

Im Skeptical - Self portrait as a Ghost Beanie, no.3

Anyone Can Be a Hero at Anysize, from the collection So Quiet, So Small

All is Full of Love

I'll Try, from the collection So Quiet, So Small

I Guess I Hid Myself From Her. P

aint and wood cutouts, inspired by the movie, Her

Just Holding On For Tonight

See more from Joshua Charles Hart on his website, here and on his page of the art purveyor website, Vango.


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