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Animated Illustrations Marry Minimalism and Geometric Illusions

Tokyo-based illustrator Karan Singh uses patterns to explore how viewers perceive colors, objects, and shapes.
November 17, 2016, 4:10pm
Images courtesy the artist

Frisky takes on geometric minimalism are Karan Singh's signatures. In his illustrations the simplicity of illustrated architecture contrasts sharply with the dimensions represented. Singh, a Tokyo-based illustrator, explores the ways in which viewers perceive objects, colors, and shapes. He first got into visual arts and illustration when by replicating the style of Neil Buchanan, and progressed by exploring Flash in high school. At that point, he dipped his toes into animation, and the rest is history.


Singh’s approach is dedicated to experimenting with the notion of pattern manipulation. “I enjoy working with reduced palettes so the challenge of defining the foreground and background, eluding to details, and keeping things balanced is a bit like solving a puzzle,” Singh tells The Creators Project.

These repeated arrangements play an intrinsic, rudimentary role in his illustrations. Singh explores how patterns are keystones for our world both in particular and general cases, from nature and human behavior to superstition. “I’m interested in the idea of combining and juxtaposing two distinct yet different embodiments of pattern and this is where I see my new work heading,” he adds.


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