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Muse’s New Live Show Is as Immersive as It Is Apocalyptic

The modern day mega-group called on Moment Factory to create an unparalleled visual extravaganza.
Courtesy Moment Factory

The mega-band Muse has never been accused of lacking ambition, in a sense making them a modern day Rush or Emerson, Lake & Palmer. For their seventh and latest record, Drones, Muse craft a concept album around the idea of drones as human and inhuman machines of war. For the Drones World Tour, Muse brought immersive multimedia group Moment Factory aboard to create interactive visual elements for the stage. And, in doing so, they’ve turned the visuals up to the proverbial 11.


For Drones World Tour, Muse performs in the round, rotating on a central stage that features two extended catwalks that Moment Factory “enhances” with giant projection screens. There, “gyrating apocalyptic figures, epic battles, and sensational symbolism (including some high-tech surprises)” play out. Designed by Oli Metcalfe, the show used one of the biggest BlackTrax 3D tracking systems ever deployed, which features 38 infrared cameras to coordinate visual effects, sound and light on stage.

Courtesy Moment Factory

Courtesy Moment Factory

“There’s a lot of new interactive and 3D technology in this show that’s never been put on tour before,” says Dominic Audet, Moment Factory’s co-founder and Chief of Innovation. “Muse has always been forward-thinking with their concepts. They are fearless with concert experiences that make the most of cutting-edge stage design and interactive media.”

Courtesy Moment Factory

Click here for tour dates to Drones World Tour in 2016. Click here to see more of Moment Factory’s work.


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