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Blending Fruits to Make Perfect Pantone-Colored Smoothies

Ever see a color look so good you wanted to taste it? Now you can.

The color-matching kingdom of Pantone has just inspired a new chromatic project: Pantone Smoothies. Simply put, Hedvig Astrom Kushner has been blending smoothies to perfectly match them with Pantone swatches, and the resulting synchronicity is as tastefully sumptuous as it looks.

Of her work, the Art Director at Mother New York explains, mixing smoothies “works like mixing paint,” where, for instance, she might use the white of tofu as a color softener, or a strawberry to add a touch of pink. Her recipes are listed with each of the creations, and we think they'd go perfectly with the menu at the newly-opened Pantone Cafe in Monaco. With her recipes, you can create your own perfectly color-coded smoothies, which, as a bonus, are all very healthy. Check out some of the color-coded creations below:


Check out Pantone Smoothies' website and follow the movement on Insta.


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