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Donald Trump

"I See Bad Hombres" Photoshop Is Our Insta of the Week

Saint Hoax for the win.

A photo posted by Saint Hoax  (@sainthoax) on

Oct 20, 2016 at 11:05am PDT

30 years after its release, Janet Jackson’s hit single "Nasty" has seen a 250% increase in stream requests on Spotify, a direct result of one of Donald Trump’s outbursts during the third presidential debate this past Wednesday night. The term has since become a feminist rallying cry for the Clinton campaign, but it wasn’t the only Trump zinger to make headlines. On the topic of immigration, the Republican candidate fell back on all too familiar rhetoric regarding Mexican immigrants. “We have some bad hombres here,” he scowled. “And we’re going to get them out.” The soundbyte became a meme marvel overnight. Amongst the new t-shirts, hats, and buttons came this ‘shop, courtesy of Saint Hoax. The GIF artist who once turned The Weeknd’s hair into a Christmas tree now plasters Trump’s face over Haley Joel Osment’s best line in The Sixth Sense. Instead of dead people, however, Trump sees himself.


Check out more work by Saint Hoax on his website.


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