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Announcing The 10 Finalists Of Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge

Watch a video on the challenge, including details about the ten finalists competing for the $500,000 prize to be awarded this November.

Nearly nine months ago, Intel kicked off the Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge, with the goal of inspiring the next big idea in wearables. Part-competition and part-entrepreneurial mentorship program, the challenge has attracted thousands of global participants.

Teams of young entrepreneurs and developers alike have tested their limits, pushing the boundaries of their imaginations and of wearable technologies themselves in anticipation of the $500,000 prize, to be awarded this November.


The top 10 finalists were just selected and range from creators pushing towards wearable-focused health care innovations, to ideas that could evolve sports analysis and entertainment. Facing a star-packed panel of industry luminaries, a talented team of faculty from UC Berkeley, and the mentors they’ve been working with to design their revolutionary technologies, these 10 teams are leading the wearable movement into its next frontier.

To see the 10 finalists for the Make It Wearable Challenge visit:

For more on wearable technology, re-visit our documentary series, Make It Wearable: The Concepts, showcasing various creators in the field:

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