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Twin Peaks Gets An NES-Style Intro

Who killed (8-bit) Laura Palmer?

The intro sequence to Twin Peaks still haunts our dreams. We see hazy shots of the eponymous town as an ethereal song by Angelo Badalmenti immediately sets the show's tone: ominous, slow-burning, but unforgettable. Though the show was set in the 90s, a new fan art video brings it back a full decade in "NES Style Twin Peaks Intro"

Created by Filthy Frackers, the artists previously behind "8-bit Grunge," the Twin Peaks intro gets recreated as if it were an 80s arcade game, including pixelated shots of the fictional Washington town and a retro remix of the vaguely foreboding song. Unfortunately, there's no arcade-style Laura Palmer or low-res interpretation of the Log Lady, but maybe that's best left to the imagination.


Watch "NES Style Twin Peaks Intro" above and see the original intro sequence down below:

h/t BoingBoing


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