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Best Of The Rest: The Onion's Ridiculous Photoshop Team, Toilet Paper Masks, And The Simpsons Universe Made Of Legos

The week in creativity includes a Photoshopped image of a dolphin eating pizza on a couch. Be prepared.
August 22, 2014, 9:00pm

This week, The Creators Project documented artist Vik Muniz and synthetic biologist Tal Danino turn living cells into art with Colonies, watched a model's face transform with makeup made of light, and explored a future where wearable technology gives us a break from staring at screens. For all the awesome projects we missed, here's the best of the rest.

This week we…

…Entire Simpsons world made of Lego [FastCo]

…Looked behind the scenes of the Onion's ridiculous photoshop team. [FastCo]

….Built iconic Gropius architecture out of Ikea furniture. [Architizer]

…Tried on these expressive masks made of toilet paper. [My Modern Met]

…Painted ornate dragons in a single brushstroke [This Is Colossal]

…Realized that while its favorite color might be blue, the Internet is mostly orange. [FastCo. Design]

…Mapped the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. [Vox]

…Watched T.C. Sottek Photoshop the Internet's predictions about the future in real time. Killer dolphins, man. [The Verge]

…Ogled a 20-year-old 3D-printed object found at MIT [3DPrint]

…Bent water with Mercedes-Benz [LaughingSquid]

…Celebrated the Streamy Award Nominees [Streamys]

…Imagined Manhattan covered in soccer fields [Experiments In Motion]

…Were tricked into reading all of Moby Dick through a misleading clickbait article. [Clickhole]

…Stitched ourselves into the woven portraits of Samuel David Stern [We And The Color]

…Let Aphex Twin's deep web album art (and next-level press release) blow our IDM minds all over our faces. [Pitchfork]