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Retro 80s Toys Build A Plastic Civilization In This Stop-Motion Epic

Cue the 80s nostalgia as you're whisked away by Adam Brown's stop-motion short composed almost entirely by Construx pieces.

Animator Adam Brown spent a year planning, shooting, and editing his latest stop-motion short, Construxion Time Again. Entirely composed of Construx, an 80's Lego alternative that has developed something of a cult following, Brown's story revolves around two nameless plastic heroes who build mechas, spaceships, and even whole cities out of the nostalgia-inducing children's toy. The animation itself is top-notch; Brown includes minute details like close-ups of characters controlling their vehicles, a Space Invaders-style battle sequence between two airships, and a hyperdrive sequence that channels the light tunnel from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's a feat for DIY animation, one we sure hope will have a sequel sometime soon.


Check out a couple of our favorite moments below, but be sure to watch the video in full to fill your ears with the sweet soundtrack provided by Jacob 2-2.

Visit Adam Brown's website here for more of his vibrant animation.

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