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Screenshots from Google Street View Get a Color-Drenched Makeover

Zansky’s 'Fortuna' adds explosions of color to simple roadside images.
March 13, 2016, 1:00pm
All images courtey the artist

Illustrator and printmaker Zansky bridges the digital and analog worlds in his trippy tricolor publication Fortuna. The artist takes screenshots from Google Street View and renders them into scenes that burst with color.

Fortuna is a series of artworks based on the idea of map exploration without knowing the destination,” Zansky tells The Creators Project. "Before spinning any 'wheel of fortune,' there is a starting point. Using Google Street View, I pick a random spot and start exploring. Each step in a new direction is captured to be used as a reference. Then, those screen captures are reinterpreted using three colors. The results are figurative landscapes that look like abstractions with a psychedelic feeling.”

Fortuna first started as a publication consisting of 80 copies printed on risograph. The artist boasts plenty of experience with printing. He currently works as an editor and printmaker for Edições de Zaster (Editions de Zaster), “a self publishing project of handmade zines and posters in screenprinting, rubber stamps and other printing processes.”

The project then led to a screen print poster which Zansky created with painstaking detail, applying the artwork directly on “each of the three screens without any photosensitive chemicals.” After the poster was printed, the “original drawing is erased and impossible to redo.” Fortuna, then, speaks to both the ephemerality images and the possibilities of using analog techniques to transform digital captures.

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