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Every Street Dog Knows These Feels

A gutter punk mutt finds his way home in my favorite music video this year.
Images courtesy of Ilan Cohen

90s kids will hate this: Homeward Bound sucks. The fact that three subpar pets have to spend 85 whole minutes traveling cross-country to reunite with owners who could obviously care less about them just reinforces kids' resolves for holding onto toxic relationships. If you disagree, you're probably suffocating in one of said emotional plastic bags yourself, and willfully ignorant (or weak). Cut it out and be more like the canine star of Rone's new music video for "Vood(oo)," a gutter punk's mutt who knows it's wise to get out when the getting ain't bad—yet.


Directed by Ilan Cohen, who previously wowed us with a super-psychedelic world of bad sushi for Rone's "Acid Reflux," the video features the titular Voodoo making a break for it and forging his own fate down the storied streets of Kreuzberg and Tempelhof in pursuit of a four-legged former friend.

Inspired by the narrative nature of the track itself, Cohen sought to "base a story with precise and honest stakes," and thus settled on a canine POV to give it "humor and emotion, providing a balance that is both heartbreaking (at the dog’s scale) and original (at our scale)." Continues Cohen, “My idea was to aim for a kind of embarrassed laugh: we wonder whether this story should be taken literally, before reaching an even more pronounced gap between substance and form, a clear nod to the humans watching this dog story, while never abandoning a form of honesty in this dog’s perspective.”

Basically, save for the tactless dude in the headdress (our guess is that it's lost in translation), it's a perfect music video that will hit you in all the right places and make you bring an extra dog treat home for Fido. He really loves you and is glad you're single again, too.

Watch "Vood(oo)" below:

According to Rone's label, Infiné. "'Vood(oo)' is the extended live version of the opening track of Rone`s last album, Creatures, and the A-side of his latest EP, released in March 2016."

Click here to visit Ilan Cohen on Vimeo.


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