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Big Brands Are Reimagined as Weapons of Destruction

See what your favorite company looks like as a missile.
Adidas. Images courtesy the artist.

What if instead of shoes, Adidas sold weapons? Or instead of hamburgers, McDonald’s sold missiles? These are the kinda questions posed in Corporate Warfare, a digital illustration series by the Foreal design studio that equates the power and impact of big brand corporations to that of a torpedo or atomic bomb.

Known for these subversive digital illustrations, the young studio out of Germany wanted to represent and some how visualize the power of these corporations over our culture and economy in a way people could understand them. Dirk Schuster, cofounder of Foreal, tells The Creators Project, “Big corporations can have more power than governments, so we put them in a military context.”



The colorways of companies like McDonald’s and Adidas have been stretched and reshaped into expensive instruments of destruction. The bombs are squeaky clean and presented in a glossy sterile environment as if we were examining each weapon at an arms show. “We wanted to mix a military, technical aesthetic with the colorful and bold world of corporate design to create something forbidding and appealing at the same time,” says Schuster.


The team started with rough sketches of each missile to get a general idea of the shape. Those sketches were then flushed out more fully in Cinema 4D, which Schuster tells us is the studio’s primary 3D software program. From there each illustration was rendered in Octane and then thrown into photoshop for additional touch ups.


Check out more work by the Foreal design team on their website.


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