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Ditch Civilization for One of These Perfect Cabins

'Cabin Porn' is your guide to living off the grid in style.
September 30, 2015, 4:40pm
Image courtesy the artist

Civilization: meh. With global climate change, ever-increasing populations, imperialism, the pending threat of nuclear annhiliation, and a Pandora's box of other nasties in store, now seems like a great time to leave the failed experiment of humanity behind and just go live in a cabin in the woods. Luckily, Vimeo alum Zach Klein, WIRED writer Steven Leckart, and photographer Noah Kalina have just published Cabin Porn, a compendium of smart and beautiful woodland homes perfect for escaping the end of the world as we know it.


"Inside each of us is a home ready to be built," reads the book's official description. This is good to know, as being able to build a house or shelter in the midst of a robot/zombie/alien apocalypse can be invaluable during the "adjustment" phase of the New World Order. "It takes a supply of ambition and materials to construct a cabin, but the reward is handsome: a shelter for yourself somewhere quiet, and a place to offer warm hospitality to friends."

With over 200 designs to inspire your desperate and likely traumatized future-self, Cabin Porn is a repository of knowledge that won't evaporate when the internet implodes and our species is left to try to figure out what it was like to "remember" stuff instead of just Googling it. While civilization is still intact, you can check out a short tour of some of these downright luxurious abodes (expecially compared to apocalyptic alternatives like occupying an abandoned barn or sewer) in the video below:

Learn more about Cabin Porn on the official website.


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