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Insta of the Week: We Solve an Art Mystery

Not everything can be found on the internet.

Hey @artruby, I saw this installation on your site months ago and was bummed because I couldn't find any other information about it. And then I happened to find it at the @palaisdetokyo. 

A photo posted by Beckett Mufson (@beckettmufson) on Nov 25, 2015 at 2:47pm PST

Three months ago, we found a fantastic image on Art Ruby of twisting rafters, carved into twisting knots with the veneer of tree trunks. There was no information complementing the image, however, much to our chagrin.


Google Image Search, clever keywords, and more internet sleuthing could not reveal the location of the gorgeous architecture in a timely manner, either, so I gave up, sure I would find it eventually. Just last week, that moment came when I stumbled onto the very structure that had eluded my internet tendrils while in Paris: Locals will recognize it as Henrique Oliveira's Baitogogo at the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum. Art mystery solved.

Check out a video about the craftsmanship behind the mesmerizing Gordian Knots below.


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