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Here's What a Miyazaki Theme Park Might Look Like

You'd ride the Cat Bus monorail from Howl's moving castle to the bathhouse from 'Spirited Away.'
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It's easy to think of Hayao Miyazaki as the Walt Disney of Japan, but had he followed the American animator's career to a T, he might have created a "Ghibli Land" to complement the Disney World theme parks in the West. An animator who goes by the name TAKUMI has envisioned this alternate reality, weaving together some very well thought-out plans for a theme park based entirely on Miyazaki's films.

Howl's moving castle stands in the center of the park, replacing Sleeping Beauty's decadent estate and serving as a strong indicator of just how different the Ghibli Land experience would be from "The Happiest Place on Earth." From there visitors can relax in Totoro's treehouse, glimpse Princess Mononoke's Great Forest Spirit from the ramparts of Irontown, and hop on the Cat Bus monorail before spending the night in the bathhouse from Spirited Away.


While the Ghibli Museum already exists and looks an awful lot like a theme park itself, given the fantastical nature of Miyazaki's movies, it's hard not to imagine a world in which Tokyo Disneyland has been replaced by its anime counterpart.

A sketch of TAKUMI's 'Tokyo Ghibli Land.'

TAKUMI's 'Tokyo Ghibli Land' follows a similar design to Tokyo Disneyland, pictured above. Image via

Visit TAKUMI's Twitter page for future updates to Ghibli Land's repertoire.

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