Paint, Oil, and Milk Form a Phantasmagoria of Rainbow Colors

French video artist Thomas Blanchard returns with another entry in his series of experimental liquid videos.
August 14, 2016, 11:40am
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In Memories of Painting, French video artist Thomas Blanchard reimagines the act of painting, setting in motion a variety of fluids and shooting macro footage of the interactions. The result is a blend of video art and experimental painting, with paint, oil, milk and liquid all moving in circular motion.

Blanchard’s latest video, Colors, builds on this technique, but taking it in a slightly different direction. While he once again uses paint, oil, oat milk, remover, bleach, and soap liquids, Blanchard now sets his camera in circular motion or zooms in on the fluids, creating multiple layers of pleasing macro-cinematic movement.

The music of Velvet Coffee also adds a nice dimension to the video. It has a sort of Philip Glass vibe, which definitely works well with Blanchard’s vivid camera work and combinations of vibrantly colored liquids.

Click here to see more of Thomas Blanchard’s work, and here to listen to more Velvet Coffee.


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