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A Drive-style 80s Psychedelic Animation For Fancy Mike's "Miami Vice"

Animator Alexandre Louvenaz turns a simple drive into an explosively colorful journey on black background.

A ride from the beach to the city in a Lamborghini sounds fun enough as it is, but what would send it into pleasure overdrive is if you were doing it in an animated, 80s-sheen world that turns extra psychedelic right when you make it into town. Throw in the power of invisibility and an oversized baseball hat, and you’re living “Miami Vice,” the new video from Fancy Mike by animator Alexandre Louvenaz.

The aesthetic of intense neon colors on a black background goes from a more simple video-game-style visual to something a bit more sinister and psychedelic—animals, demons, and monsters popping out left and right, until you finally blast off into the cosmos. Oh yeah, and there is a gang of angry-looking unicorns in there as well, looking like Lisa Frank’s worst nightmare.

We recently featured Fancy Mike’s “Ramachandran” in our LAYERS column. His new album Mary B. James, named in reference to Aphex Twin’s classic Richard D. James, is even more stripped down than his previous work, packed with infectious 80s style bangers that you’ll fall in love with, particularly if you dug the soundtrack from Drive. Hear a little teaser from the record below. And below that, see a few awesome stills from the video.