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Would You Trust an Artist to Photograph You in Your Sleep?

Sara Meghdari wants to shoot you at your most vulnerable.
July 28, 2015, 4:00pm
Images courtesy of the artist

Sleeping strangers snore, drool, and sprawl in photographer Sara Meghdari's ongoing project, nyc. "The project began with my move the city in 2013 [and the] portraits are of strangers I have met along the way," Meghdari explains to The Creators Project. "The process involves, finding and meeting native New Yorkers, spending a night at their home, and photographing them while they sleep." Thus, in bedrooms across the five buroughs, Meghdari captures her muses deep in R.E.M, or napping fitfully in front of bright screens. Without the opportunity to whip up a clavicle pop, perfect pout, or smoldering stare, the sleepers shed all inhibitions, unconsciously triggering questions of access and trust. Which leads to our own question: Would you let this photographer shoot you in your sleep?  Find your answer in a selection of sleepers from Sara Meghdari's nyc below:

Click here for more of Sara Meghdari's work.


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