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This Artist Plans To Build A Self-Assembling House On The Moon

Mikael Genberg's "Moonhouse Art Project" aims to give the expression, "Get off my lawn," a whole new meaning.

It's no small secret that the United States government owns and operates a secret military base on the moon— it's no secret, at all, really, because it's completely untrue. Even the most rudimentary lunar structures present notoriously difficult challenges to engineers, due, in no small part, to the lack of gravity.

One art collective, however, led by intrepid Swedish artist/entrepreneur Mikael Genberg, aims to change this sad fact, by raising $15,360,000.00 in funds expressly dedicated to install a self-assembling "moonhouse" on the Earth's favorite nighttime light source.


Says Genberg in a video detailing the project (above), "We saw this as a perfect example of joining up together, doing something that nobody ever expected, that private people would try to do; put the first house on another planet. Putting a house on the moon really should be impossible, but through crowdfunding, through the Internet, through there being enough individuals going together proving this, that means that we can do anything."

According to the so-called Moonhouse Project, the house, a 9square meter replica of a standard red-and-white Swedish cottage, will be set to commence its one-way trip come October 2015. Hitching a ride on SpaceX's Falcon9 spacecraft, with the aid of Pittsburgh-based robotics and design company, Astrobotics, the Moonhouse will be delivered as a payload, plopped onto the moon's surface. Using a combination of gases and hydraulics, it will self-assemble into the first-ever "democratic art project in space where everyone is welcome to participate and help create a unique symbol for what people together can achieve."

While the Moonhouse is already 75% constructed, the Moonhouse Project is still a couple lightyears away (get it?) from achieving their crowdsourcing goal. Below, check out a rendering, infographic, and current image of Astrobotics' payload construction to get you geared up for launch. If the project does succeed, Genberg better throw the largest house-warming party of all time.


To learn more about how you can aid in the construction and delivery of the Moonhouse, head on down to h/t Designboom


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