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[Music Video] A Lonely Astronaut Dives into a Low-Poly Future

A journey to nowhere goes awry in this sci-fi nugget animated by Studio Felix.
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Barelling through gorgeously rendered low-poly solar systems, asteroid fields, and ice caverns, a lone astronaut goes on a simple journey in Calvin Cardioid's video for "Everything to Me," animated by Philipp Feigenbutz and Anna-Maria Scharf out of the German Studio Feix. Along the way, the mysterious spaceman shows off some seriously cool gear, including hologram map displays and motion-sensing asteroid avoidance systems, animated beautifully using motion capture tool iPi Soft. Watch the video below with an open mind—it might take three or four watches to understand the ending.


Listen to Calvin Cardioid's music on his website and see more animations at Studio Felix.


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