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This Sunday, 17 Womyn Artists Hold a Performance in Nature

'RECHARGE/HER' is the product of a weeklong womyn-only, tech-free residency program in Connecticut.
July 5, 2016, 8:40pm
Images courtesy of BuoyRR

This week, 17 womyn artists are spending a week working at The Peace Barn Sanctuary, camping in nature, stripped of technology, and surrounded by only each other. Coming in from New York, Australia, Denmark, and even Baltimore, they will attend workshops and focus on health and restoration. In meditating on life as womyn, the artists and facilitators hope to subvert expectations, create controversy, and explore the implications of pop culture, all culminating in an interactive performance taking place Sunday, July 10: RECHARGE/HER.

BuoyRR, the residency program behind the event, has seen its number of residents double since 2015. Founded and directed by Viva Soudan and Bailey Nolan, this year it welcomes international residents, as well as a team of facilitators including Monica Mirabile and Wesley Flash, and Buoy Graduates—now camp counselors—Alexandra Marzella, Claire Christerson, and India Salvor Menuez.

BuoyRR describes their relationship with viewers as both an “exchange…exploding in communal climax” and “an orgy you’ll never forget.” Similarly, RECHARGE/HER is described as an immersive dance perfomance in nature. Two types of tickets are offered for Sunday’s event: one includes a roundtrip bus from Brooklyn to Deep River, Connecticut. Both include tickets to the performance as well as a farm-fresh lunch and a talk with the artists. To get a sense for the magical journey of the residency program and what you can expect from the final performance, check out the video below:

To get tickets for RECHARGE/HER, click here. To learn more about the BuoyRR program, visit their website.


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