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Pure Joy Looks Like This Kaleidoscopic Light Installation

Joanie LeMercier and Le Comte's new installation will give you butterflies in your stomach.
GIF and screencap via Vimeo

Effervescent white light shines crystal clear in concert with an uplifting electronic soundscape in a new multimedia experience by French light and space artist Joanie Lemercier (previously, previously) and ambient electronic act Le Comte. Lemercier makes projections that transform building facades and installation spaces with minimal geometric patters, and has worked with architects, 3D artists, and musicians including Jay Z to add dimension to his work. The symbiosis of Le Comte's live tracks and Lemercier's visual performance at Les Garages Numériques in Brussels sparks the kind of pure emotional reaction that has drawn us to the latter's work for years. In teaser footage Lemercier recently published on Vimeo, we see one scene that feels like floating through an interstellar nebula, and another that turns the space into a massive refracting kaleidoscope. Check out the full footage below, and be sure to leave your headphones in for Le Comte's heart-melting ambient track.


See more of Joanie Lemercier's work on his website, and follow LeComte here.


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