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Atoms For Peace's New Video For "Before Your Very Eyes" Is A Color Spectrum-Spanning Masterpiece

Creators Project favorite (and documentary subject) Andrew Huang has blown our minds....again.

In our documentary on special effects wizard Andrew Huang, he told us that his work often is either "black and white, or very colorful." His new video for "Before Your Very Eyes," a single off Atoms For Peace's incredible LP, Amok, dropped yesterday, and it undoubtedly occupies the latter. This video makes Joseph's technicolored dream-coat look like a gloomy, beige rag.

The stop-animation-meets-special-effects video is the type of clip that infuses a full spectrum of color and energy, and continues the legacy of infamous animators like Jan Svankmajer and Tim Burton.


The video begins with a pulsating desert landscape before we see Thom Yorke's icon face erupt out of the terrain as if he were the Sphinx getting re-born from an underground society that time has been buried below the sand. Buildings and city objects are unearthered next, before the structures are again swallowed and forced back underground by the swirling, psychedelic earth.

Animation nerds should melt in awe, while everyone else should simply put this at the top of their favorite music videos of the year list.

Check out our documentary on the prodigious Huang below:

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Lead Image via Pitchfork