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Tove Lo and Wiz Khalifa Keep the Spirit of 420 Alive With the Taylor Gang/TM88 Remix of "Influence"

420 will never end if we have anything to say about it.

In the blessed week leading up to of 420, Noisey ran a glut of bizarre and enlightening articles for the astute marijuana enthusiast. Well, potheads, 420 may have passed, but the spirit of the holiday lives on. The Taylor Gang/TM88 remix of Tove Lo and Wiz Khalifa's stoned duet "Influence," premiering on Noisey today, is proof.

"I was very excited about this remix, not usually what I get back when sending out stems," Tove Lo told Noisey in an email. "They definitely took the pop out and gave it the real stoner vibe. I wasn't really involved in the process, it was more "here, do your thing." It gives the song a whole new feel. I'm super into it."

Listen to "Influence feat. Wiz Khalifa (TM88//Taylor Gang Remix)" above.

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