Watch a Robotic Arm Keep a Toy Train on an Infinite Loop

Ever feel like your life is going in circles?
April 24, 2017, 4:33pm

The path in front of you looks open, but you always wind up on the same old track. Whether you're coasting from Tindate to Tindate or Monday to monotonous Monday, this train kept on a neverending loop by a robot surely gets it. Mechanical engineer Christian Schürch brought Robotic Loop to Lucerne's Luga Trade Fair as an "eye-catcher," demonstrating his school's FANUC M-2iA/3S robotic arm. After reading the demo video description, the machine's specs are certainly impressive, but it's hard not to empathize with the plight of that poor train.


The metaphor is obvious for anyone who's ever been given the run-around. It's not lack of support, internal flaws, or lack of perspective—it's an unseeable, unknowable robot arm picking up the past and laying it down directly into the future. Check out Schürch's 10-hour video of the proxy existential crisis, which you can watch while re-thinking every poor decision you've ever made, below.

See more of Christian Schürch's videos on YouTube.


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