Presenting "The Online Event of the Century": Gorillaz in a Live Fan Q&A

For the first time in history, Murdoc and 2D will be interviewed live on air—and they're going to be accepting your questions from 10AM EST/3PM BST.
April 20, 2017, 12:24pm

Since the advent of live television, some of earth's more memorable events have been streamed in real time. There's the Super Bowl, election campaigns, early Top of the Pops, late-night talk shows and now: this—a live Q&A with the Gorillaz, which the video description so far has billed "the online event of the century."

Of course, regardless of where you stand on the Damon Albarn-fronted group, the interview is indeed breaking new ground. As cartoon characters, Gorillaz have never before been able to converse with humans in a shared space and time continuum. Technology would simply not allow it. Today though, for the first time ever, Murdoch and 2D are sitting down to answer questions from radio DJ and presenter MistaJam. Post your questions on the YT page and watch below starting at 3PM BST/10AM EST when the live stream will be very, very live and breathing the fumes of music's weirdest group.