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Roadburn Adds Integrity, Disfear, Oathbreaker, Cobalt, King Woman, and More to 2017 Lineup

The Dutch heavy music Mecca has announced 24 more bands for its 2017 edition, including four chosen by curator ​John Dyer Baizley.

Roadburn 2017 is edging ever closer, and with only a few months of waiting left to go, this year's guest John Dyer Baizley of Baroness has just dropped a four-ton bomb with his latest round of lineup picks. Hardcore icons Integrity, Swedish D-beat heroes Disfear, rising stars Oathbreaker, and post-rock OGs Trans Am have all officially joined the Roadburn family—as have 20 (!) other extremely exciting additions. Of Integrity, Baizley comments: "I hope to see you all there, while Integrity proves to all present that the ferocity has neither dulled nor become disingenuous throughout their career. Reality is bleak, but through darkness we are able to find connectivity and community." "They have been very explicit: this is NOT a reunion show! I don't know exactly what to expect from this re-emergence, but I'm sure it won't be a gentle one," he says of Disfear's return to the stage. "This should be a no-hold-barred, fists-in-the-air, mandatory-circle-pit set, and you better believe I'm not missing a minute of it."


Belgian post-everything heavyweights Oathbreaker (who have become firm Noisey favorites) also wowed Baizley with their latest album, Rheia. As he said, "Therein exists a healthy reverence and understanding of the genres it references; yet it's a record that is beholden to no style, genre or convention. There are layers upon layers of sound that recall black metal, pop, indie, hardcore, shoe-gaze, you-name-it; yet as I listen, I am aware of none of this - it has been presented so artfully and with such earnest and unpretentious conviction." Post-rock has long held a special place within the Roadburn pantheon, and Trans Am is no exception. Baizley commented, "I have always been a massive Trans Am fan, and I think their performance at Roadburn will be an incredible moment during next year's festival," John says, "I'm sure Sebastian will have his work cut out for him, playing two very intense and completely different sets, with both Baroness and Trans Am (Friday and Saturday, respectively). Do not miss this show, it will be a truly incomparable experience during Roadburn 2017." Baizley will also take part in a live interview hosted by Ula Gehret. According to the press release, John will "talk through his person and professional highs and lows" (of which there have been many of both) before taking questions from the audience.

In addition to stoner doom lords Bongzilla, Melvins acolytes Big Business, and noise rock kings Whores, Roadburn has also confirmed the following list of brilliant, weird, extreme, and all-around inspiring artists:

Author & Punisher 
Cobalt Forn Gnaw Their Tongues 
Harsh Toke 
Hedvig Mollestad Trio Joy King Woman 
Locus Pinkish Black 
Radar Men From The Moon Ruby The Hatchet
Serpent Venom 
The Devil & The Almighty Blues True Widow

Artists already announced for Roadburn 2017 include Coven, Warning (playing their doomed cult classic Watching from a Distance in full),  Artists in Residence GNOD, Mysticum, Oranssi Pazuzu, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, and our 2017 curator, John Baizley, who will perform with Baroness, plus many more.

Roadburn Festival will take place 20-23 April, 2017 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets (and campsite tickets) are on sale for Roadburn 2017 and can be purchased from this link.

Kim Kelly is counting down the minutes to Roadburn o'clock on Twitter.