Naughty Boy "Won't Rule Out" Releasing His George Michael Collaboration

He told the BBC about the "bittersweet" track in an interview on Thursday.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 20, 2017, 12:40pm

We may still hear new music from the late, great George Michael, says producer Naughty Boy, who worked with him a few weeks before his death in December last year.  In an interview on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday January 19, Naught Boy stated that the two had collaborated, but that he had not discussed the "amazing" project previously because "it's just a bit bittersweet". He also revealed that he had personally reached out to Michael: "I wanted to work with him. It was something I put out there." Michael would be the latest in a long list of big names – which includes Beyoncé and Zayn – that Naughty Boy has produced for. He confirmed that Michael was in the process of making a new album, and though he has not yet agreed to release their work together, he hinted at a release at some point, saying "hopefully the music will continue to live on and me being a part of it is just a part of my journey too".  (Image via George Michael official Instagram)