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City Kid Soul Takes Booty Shaking House to the Moon with "Rockets"

Time to blast off — with bass.
September 15, 2015, 4:00pm

On the title track for their latest EP, Rockets — out on Germany's Big Mamas House Records — Toronto duo City Kid Soul show off the genre mashup that their name hints at: urban roots with some deep melody. A reverberating organ at the start of the track abruptly drops off, eclipsed by a thumping bass beat and slowed-up vocal loop. It's hip-hop drenched house music made for booties — precisely what the group seems to be aiming for.


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"With this new EP, we both feel like we're getting closer to that desired sound we've been searching for as duo," they said, "and you can expect more of these vibes in future releases to come."

Their signature sound of chopped up rap samples, often with just a touch of Screw (see "Nice Dudes'," pared-down Pharrell Williams hook for further reference), bouncing in cadence off bass and drums has proven a winning formula. The group has already released EPs with two Toronto-based labels: Downpour Recordings and ALL BLAK Records.

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Now, with "Rockets" blasting off, it's time to take booty shaking house music to the moon.

City Kid Soul's "Rockets" EP will be out on Big Mamas House Records on September 18.

They will be performing live at HouseAddict's 12th anniversary party on October 24 with Tube & Berger at Nest in Toronto.

City Kid Soul is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter