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Preview Two Tracks from Jlin’s New EP, ‘Dark Lotus’

The dynamic, Indiana-based producer returns.
Image courtesy of the artist.

Experimental footwork artist Jlin will return this year with new music. First up is Dark Lotus, a two-track EP set for release February 10 on Planet Mu.

Dark Lotus will drop one month before Black Origami, her next full-length release. Prior to Dark Lotus, Jlin released her debut album, Dark Energy, and the Free Fall EP in 2015.

In April of 2016, the producer told the Line Noise Podcast that her next album would, "veer very far left of footwork."

"I have to say, don't consider myself a footwork artist," she added in the podcast. "And I think it's really going to start coming out, especially when this second album comes out."

Dark Lotus will be released digitally and on vinyl. Stream two clips from Dark Lotus and pre-order the EP here. In 2015, we wrote about how Jlin confounds footwork's expectations.

Dark Lotus tracklist:
1. The Escape of the Blvck Rxbbit (ft. Avril Stormy Unger)
2. Nyakinyua Rise