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Kevin Saunderson Explains Techno In A Facebook Comment

The Detroit legend is on the interwebs droppin' science... or was that history?

The game is to be sold, not to be told, but not when it comes to techno. The story of techno has to be told and told and re-told again and again and it must get tiresome for Detroit old-school heads to have to set the record straight all the time. No, it wasn't Kraftwerk, the aliens, and some 1960s electronic pioneers that started techno, it was the Belleville Three. If you're one of the 73,000-plus people that follows the legend Kevin Saunderson on Facebook, then you know that the man repeatedly drops science. This week was full of gems (and misspellings) on his Facebook. It started with Kevin posting a photo of the Belleville Three, then people asking why it wasn't four, leading Kevin to set the record straight on who really did the damn thing…


 Plus he also did some very important musing on what the hell is happening with DEMF/Movement/etcera AGAIN.

And here's an early track from Kevin Saunderson as Kreem because why the hell not?