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Video: Panama - "Always"

The Australian outfit's new single feels like a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Something special is happening down under, and Panama's silky pop is a pretty perfect example of what we mean. Their new EP dropped last week on one of Sydney's hottest record labels, Future Classic, and its bubbly, light, danceable vibes can also act as your daily supplement of vitamin D. Accompanying the release is the video for the first single off the EP, "Always."

The beautifully shot video, directed by Nice Idea Everyday, features an attractive yet irresponsible mother leaving her young toddler with the equally young child of her (ex-?)lover, who she is going to kill, I think. While she's out these two little kids have as adorably romantic a time I can imagine two toddlers having without it being weird. So, the mom ends one relationship while her child begins a new one? Something about the cycle of life? I don't know, take a look and see for yourself. Expect flowers falling from the sky, creepy forests, and general Wes Anderson-vibes along this juicy journey through the woods.

Check out the rest of the EP at Panama's Bandcamp page.