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Abyss X’s “L.A.S.H.” Is Like FKA twigs Fed Through a Cybernetic Blender

The Greek artist responds to the communal angst caused by her country's current economic crisis.
July 29, 2015, 5:05pm

Abyss X (Evangelia Lachianina) is deeply familiar with destruction and rebirth. She was born and raised in Crete—a Greek island that was once the seat of the Minoans, an ancient civilization ravished by an apocalyptic volcanic eruption.

Searching for her own reincarnation, Lachianina left Crete to wander the world, living in five countries over the last several years. A stop in Mexico City to play at Ramondstock festival led to an EP titled Echoes, soon to be released by the local art collective/music label Extasis.

However, the Sisters of Fate pulled Lachianina back to her native soil when she was recently forced to return to Crete to renegotiate her visa. The trip proved very difficult in light of Greece's economic situation and "waves of depression and anger radiated from all directions. [It was] impossible not be affected and be dragged into the communal angst," she says.

"L.A.S.H" was written during this tumultuous time, as an attempt to get out of her dark state of mind. Honest, angry lyrics juxtaposed against a poppy grime beat serves as a "sort of metaphor for trying to disguise your [emotions] when you're feeling low. Sometimes when you're working toward being 'next level,' you end up alone and fragile."

Lachianina's music serves to document states of vulnerability, and is inspired by CGI art and future club music; specifically, how mind-bending 3d meshes, shapes and rough surfaces coexist and interact with the human image. She cuts a definitively feminist profile, asserting that the very act of making work without "some dude backing you up' serves to strengthen the female-identified art community. Taking the art-making process into one's own hands as a woman, Lachianina says, "is the most honest and fulfilling process you can experience."

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