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Listen to Torn Hawk's Charmingly Peculiar Lead Single from his New Album

'Union and Return' will come out on May 13 on Mexican Summer.
March 9, 2016, 8:10pm
Album art courtesy of the label

Oddball American producer, Torn Hawk, announced a new album today called Union and Return and shared its somewhat peculiar lead single. Ditching the lo-fi, vintage sensibility of Luke Wyatt's earlier work, "Feeling is Law" is a high-fidelity instrumental that feels composed with the default "orchestra" instruments you'd find on your average piece of music production software. The track is subdued, jaunty, and moody, sounding like video game background music designed to soundtrack the journey-before-the-battle portion of a medieval quest.


While it doesn't seem like a music video proper, the track is accompanied on its YouTube upload by a moving animation, featuring a Mac desktop projected onto the side of a CGI castle suspended in black space. Onscreen are images of the album art and a World of Warcraft-type swordsman, as well as an open window of the note taking app TextEdit, filled in with text in real time. The resolution makes it pretty hard to read, but it seems like the first phrase is "Listening into the toilet."

Check out the track and video below. Union and Return is out on May 13 on Mexican Summer.

Union and Return tracklist:

1. The Romantic
2. Feeling Is Law
3. Borderlands
4. With My Back To The Tower
5. Thornfield
6. Friends & Family
7. Scene On A Staircase
8. Our Knives
9. The Archers
10. To Miss The Mark
11. Die Swimming In The Sea Here

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