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Will Fox’s Awards Show Be The Next Victim of the EDM Grim Reaper?

Avicii's retirement had nothing to do with this.

Remember not long ago when US television network Fox said they were going to host an electronic music awards show? Paul Oakenfold was a co-founder? They had a really cool logo (see above)?

Perhaps it was Avicii's retirement, but it seems organizers may have gotten a case of cold feet. The Electronic Music Awards and Foundation ceremony was initially set to take place April 14, 2016, but has been postponed until the fall.


In a statement provided to Billboard, a representative for the show announced, "As this is the first year of the awards, we have the luxury of flexibility, which we are taking advantage of to decide the optimal timetable to present the awards. With this opportunity, we felt that it would better to represent the electronic music calendar in the fall rather than the spring."

Now whether that sounds cautiously optimistic or typical "don't look behind the curtain" PR doublespeak, it's anyone's guess. Will the show arrive later this year? How much will they spend on LEDs? Do DJs actually look cool performing on television?

In the meantime, watch this 30 second teaser and imagine what could have been.

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