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We Waved Goodbye to 50Weapons at This Weekend's Warehouse Project With Siriusmodeselektor

Lost toenails and totemic techno marked the halfway point of this year's WHP schedule.


We've just surpassed the midway point of the 2015 Warehouse Project season. The wide eyes of the Store Street community lie beneath sodium chloride veils and anxieties amass amongst them. Their nostrils digest the cruel aromas of their dying moments on the home straight. These are eyes that bare witness to the inevitable demise of their beloved, number one nightclubbing experience. Fear —the Mancunians are rank with it.

However, the middle of the Warehouse Project series brings something far more disheartening; back in July Modeselektor's 50Weapons announced they would be packing it in. After a decade of humble sovereignty in Berlin that rolled out a throng of meticulous releases it seems the brains behind 50weapons have resigned to the fact that it has achieved its natural close. Perhaps it was just too much of a good thing? Perhaps all good things must end? Regardless, this label was a goddamn good thing and we can't really get our heads around ending it. That said, with 50Weapons giving the world the climax they deserve—a global R.I.P tour featuring live shows from Siriusmodeselektor and Clark alongside the cream of the label's techno—we were fortunate enough to catch the finale in Manchester.



When you hear that air horn resonate throughout the venue you know what time it is. It's a winning formula; the union of Siriusimo and Modeselektor is a true electronic super group and their live show is practically unrivalled. The trio launch into Modeselektor's edit of "Wow" and a Microsoft Sam-esque fellow lets us know that "you are the best audience we have ever had." Now I don't usually fall for crowd compliments but the flattering sample complimented the glitchy fun-fair rhythms of Wow so well I found myself inexplicably blushing. And the good feeling only continued. Honestly, I've never felt quite as dapper as while bopping along to Grill walker. This is the thing with these guys' live performances, even while grieving at their label they are all enjoying themselves just as much as any member of the crowd; it's built on love. A love so heart warming, you really do feel a part of it. They get it right every time.


Sure, the B2B model can often dilute the content of the set. However, when you've got two guys that have grown up sharing music, producing and partying together, their collaboration is something that not only shit all over that statement but also exhibits how far their prowess as individual selectors has come. Both artists continue to provide a fresh approach to Berlin techno integrating flavours of the UK we can all feel patriotic about. Whether it's productions like Creeper that saw them signed to 50Weapons in the first place or the fraternal relationship they have behind the turntables, this is a pairing you should absolutely continue to watch.


Reproducing an atmosphere as monumental as the Berlin wall itself coming down, this one had me looking like a less composed Maneki Neko. People lost their shit, everyone knew Miss Platnum's hooks; it was an absolute celebration of everything Modeselektor have achieved with 50weapons and the city that spawned them. Not to mention, this was all being produced live in front of our eyes—which we were struggling to keep in our heads.



Recently my friend took a little bit of a battering in a game of sport. Consequently, blood seeps from his big toe precipitately forming a maroon crust and expelling a constant pressure upon his big toenail. To the sounds of Shed, I observed his futile attempts to muster up some sort of techno jig to "Ride On", wincing as his peers seemed intent on dislodging his toenail and soiling his freshly washed white Reebok workouts. Then, through the mist emerged a bouncer with the head of Boddika and the height of Ronnie Corbett. I knew he was trouble when he walked in. The brute burst through the crowd and it was inevitable - the military boot descended and alas, the toenail was lost. My friend let out a roar at the sheer unjustness of the situation. He retorted with torrents of "HAVE WE GOT A PROBLEM MATE?" Eventually we were beaten into submission by his incessant interrogations. Yet, who can blame this crusader of a bouncer for defending the masonry of Store Street when it was host to scenes like these.


We're not actually going try and diagnose why this was such a successful label. It's probably got something to do with Modeselektor's unearthly talent and their eye for up and coming artists. Their signings were consistently diverse with every release seeming scrupulously hand picked. Although it was an unlikely collection of artists it just worked so damn well. Yet, what continues to seize us time after time is the 50Weapons comrades' desire to give so much energy into their live performances. They truly relished in every opportunity to showcase the label and bond with their audiences. Farewell 50Weapons, it was our pleasure.

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