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Cruise Through the Afternoon with This New Mix from Bok Bok

The Night Slugs boss has just kickstarted a brand new series — check out 'Essentials Vol. 1' right here.

It's about that time in Tuesday afternoon where everyone starts to feel a bit shit. You've been in the office long enough that you've fully ridden out the caffeine buzz of the morning coffee and hit that unforgiving lull where you have no option but to put your headphones on and pretend that you're somewhere, anywhere, else.

Bok Bok must know how you feel, because he's just dropped his the first instalment in his brand new mix series, "Essentials". Released through a fresh new website, the first mix plucks you from office-based stagnation and drops you face first on the dancefloor, gifting you with hard-hitting foreboding beats from Fade To Mind's NA, club-ready workout jams in the form of his "Lean and Bop" remix instrumental from last year, smooth commercial R&B thanks to Sevyn Streeter and everything in between.

Bok Bok promises that "These will continue steady dropping thru the months", so download "Essentials Vol. 1" and get away from that desk you're chained to for the next few hours, for god's sake.Or stay resolutely sat still and listen to it below:

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