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Get Ready To Be Mesmerized, The Bud Light Digital Dreams 2014 After Movie Is Here

The quintessential party shots are fused with real life candids and a couple of digital dreamers.

Around this time of year, dance music fans are swarmed with festival after movies. These videos are the products of the hard working media teams that spanned festival grounds while you waited in water lines. But the surplus of these party recaps often look and sound like a melting pot of clichés?•especially if you binge watch.

Then, there's Bud Light Digital Dreams 2014.

THUMP and Live Nation are thrilled to present to you the official Bud Light Digital Dreams 2014 After Movie. This thirteen minute film is easily one of 2014's most captivating festival reviews. They have taken the term "party recap" and completely resuscitated its true form of art and style.


The prelude is an authentic story about the dazed out dreamers from that weekend?•where festivalgoers are giving the camera a look we've all caught ourselves in at some point throughout the summer. The film crescendos into vivid aerials of the grounds at Ontario Place and slowly finds its way into the quintessential shots of Nervo hair flicks and a jiggling Carnage.

From the first minute to the last, the video is guaranteed to have you marking next year's weekend on your calendar.

Which leads us to the best part. THUMP is hosting an exclusive presale for tickets to next year's Bud Light Digital Dreams. Get all your friends online the Bud Light Digital Dreams' website at 10 AM on December 18 and use the code: THUMPDD. You can thank us later.

Can't make it to our sweet ass THUMP presale? General public tickets are available on Friday, December 19 at 10 AM.

Until then, watch the video above and stay connected with Bud Light Digital Dreams online for the lineup announcement for the 2015 revival.

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