Don’t Count on Seeing Dave Clarke DJ in the US While Trump is President

The Amsterdam-based artist will not renew his work visa following the election.
January 27, 2017, 8:40pm
Photo by Marilyn Clark

If you're an American techno fan who has Dave Clarke on your must-see list, you may have to wait four to eight years (or head overseas) to make that happen.

The Amsterdam-based artist earlier this week told fans via Facebook that despite having "maximum respect for the influence of American music and US culture," he won't be renewing his work visa, which would be required to perform in the country, so long as newly inaugurated President Trump is in office.

Part of this decision, he said, stems from a negative experience with a former agent, but ultimately the bigger picture is "undoubtedly political."

"I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a Misogonyst [sic] Narcissist Racist President in office," he explained, "and to be fair maybe my work permit would not be renewed due to his 'Hire American' policy. Donald Trump takes Shapeshifting to an art form…"

Read his statement in full below, and see how other electronic musicians responded to President Trump's election. Last week, members of the dance music community also took part in and showed their support for the Women's March.