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Into The Night Part 2: Duke Dumont

We tag along with house don Duke Dumont in Barcelona as he hangs out in an honest-to-god castle with Hot Chip.
August 9, 2013, 8:00pm

In our Into the Night series, we follow a DJ for one whirlwind evening all the way from sunset to the post-party afterhours.

If you made it out to our bonkers launch party in June, you've already grooved to the silky house tunes of Duke Dumont, the London-based producer behind the infectious hits "Need U" and "The Giver." Dumont makes the kind of plump, ribcage-rattling beats even your grandma would swing her hips to, backed by throaty vocals and impecabbly tight structures. We tagged along as he touched down in Barcelona to play a show in an honest-to-god castle, grabbed dinner in a local market, and finished off with a B2B DJ set with his friends from Hot Chip.