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​Ultra's International Expansion Adds Singapore and the Philippines.

How do you say "put your hands in the air" in Tagalog?

While the rest of the Western electronic festival game continues to scramble around an already overcrowded field, Ultra has gone international, like way international.

Having just dropped Road to Ultra nights in Thailand and Macau atop the fourth iteration of Ultra Korea, headlined by Skrillex and Hardwell, EDM-leading festival brand Ultra has announced that it will be holding events in Singapore (September 19) and The Philippines (September 26) as part of their "Road to Ultra" series.


This brings Ultra's recent international expansion to include Bali, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Colombia, and Paraguay, in addition to dates set later this year in Bolivia, Peru and the aforementioned Singapore and The Philippines. This is, of course, not to mention their festivals in Argentina, South Africa, Croatia, Japan, and Chile. Oh, and Miami.

You kids can stay in your Jersey parking lots and dusty desert wastelands while Ultra finds out how to say "Put your hands up, put your fucking hands up" in just about every language on the planet.

Long has "the international market" been discussed as the next frontier, but nobody in the Euro-American dance space is as aggressively taking on the challenge as much as the Floridian EDM-lords. Soon, we'll all be dreaming in neon and bringing about world peace via Hardwell sing-a-longs.

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