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Dave Grohl Trolls Internet with Announcement That He's Ditching Foo Fighters for EDM Career

"All you gotta do is hit one button"
Photo via Foo Fighters Youtube channel

Dave Grohl enjoys a good joke. The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer has appeared in three SNL skits, including one involving Helen Mirren's cleavage. So when recent rumors of a Foo Fighters break-up emerged after Grohl's solo performance at the Oscars, the band went along with it.

In a video titled "Official Band Announcement" posted to the band's YouTube channel, Grohl talks with producer Butch Vig (who produced Nirvana's Nevermind) about embarking on a solo career as an electronic musician. "You should go in entirely new direction," Vig tells Grohl. "The sound of this new generation is all electronica. It's with keyboards and laptops." Grohl responded, somewhat innocently: "Will I be playing an instrument?" To which Vig rebukes him: "No, you won't be playing an instrument. The music is all in the box. All you gotta do is hit one button."

Meanwhile, the rest of the band debates who should replace Grohl, and auditions Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees fame), who gives a soulful rendition of "Everlong." Watch it all below.