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​Watch David Hasselhoff Play an Ibiza DJ in this Off-Off Broadway Musical

It's called "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" and the reviews are not good.

The Hoff is a man of many talents. Some would call him a jackass of all trades: Acting, dancing, singing, hosting––He does them all, relatively poorly, to the delight of fans and detractors alike.

The Knight Rider, Baywatch, and drunken YouTube video star's latest endeavor, however, dives deep into the realm of dance music.

Currently touring off-off-off Broadway cultural voids in the UK like Darlington and Wolverhampton, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is the story of "A DJ dad, a wild-child daughter, and a trip to the party island of Ibiza."

The general storyline involves The Hoff as an Ibiza DJ named Ross, whose long-lost daughter Penny falls in love with an aspiring DJ employee of The Hoff named Rik. Penny then falls ill after ingesting a dodgy ecstasy pill, for which Rik is blamed, then a bunch of stuff happens, there's a Spice Girls song, a Baywatch medley, and then everything works out just fine. The reviews are not good.

TheStage called the show "dated and predictable," while the MusicalTheatreReview gave it two out of five stars, and noted that "most of its characters are out of their brains on ecstasy tablets." Perhaps reviews would have been better if the same could have been said of the audience.

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