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Fennesz, Fatima Al Qadiri, and William Basinski Make 24-Hour Tracks for RBMA's NYC Festival

'Shattered Streams' coincides with the current monthlong Red Bull Music Academy festival in New York City.
Photo by Seth Tisue, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Music event, lecture, and workshop institution, Red Bull Music Academy, announced a new online sound art installation platform called Shattered Streams today, coinciding with their current monthlong music festival in New York City. The minisite features a looping piece of music accompanied by animated visuals, each becoming distorted and degraded over a range of time decided by the user, ranging from one minute to 24 hours.


Throughout May, they'll commission a new piece from an impressive cast of electronic musicians in a wide range of fields. The lineup includes everyone from Hyperdub-affiliate Fatima Al Qadiri and Austrian ambient pioneer Fennesz, to Montreal's Kara-Lis Coverdale, New York-based composer William Basinski (pictured above), and psychedelic rave deconstructionists EVOL.

Yesterday, LA's Anenon kicked things off, and today Basinski is on deck with a ghostly-presenced industrial piano piece. The whole project is an implicit nod to that artist's beloved The Disintegration Loops, according to the press release, which famously recorded the sound of slowly degrading tape loops.

Earlier this year, Fatima Al Qadiri released an album exploring authoritarianism and police militarization in America; Kara-Lis Coverdale, meanwhile, told us about how writing music relates to performance and how dance music relates (or doesn't) to her of experimental composition.

Shattered Streams schedule:

May 1 - Anenon
May 2 - William Basinski
May 3 - Fatima Al Qadiri
May 4 - Eluvium
May 5 - patten
May 6 - Joey Anderson
May 7 - Claude Speeed
May 8 - White Visitation
May 9 - Fennesz
May 10 - Klara Lewis
May 11 - Beatrice Dillon
May 12 - Zebra Katz
May 13 - Aurora Halal
May 14 - EVOL
May 15 - Jefre-Cantu Ledesma
May 16 - M. Geddes
May 17 - Mumdance
May 18 - Kuedo
May 19 - Sepalcure
May 20 - Nkisi
May 21 - Oren Ambarchi
May 22 - $3.33 / Celia Hollander
May 23 - Egyptrixx
May 24 - John Roberts
May 25 - Wolf Eyes
May 26 - Tin Man
May 27 - Hieroglyphic Being
May 28 - Kara-Lis Coverdale
May 29 - Ipek Gorgun
May 30 - Aisha Devi
May 31 - Lesley Flanigan

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