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Stream Yung Lean's New Surprise Mixtape, 'Frost God'

The Sad Boys crewmember shares seven new songs, including a collaboration with A$AP Ferg.
Release artwork courtesy of the artist

Swedish rapper Yung Lean surprise dropped a new mixtape called Frost God late last night, following his LP Warlord from earlier this year. Each of its eight songs are previously unreleased except for "Hennessy & Sailor Moon"; notably, among these is a collaboration with NYC rapper A$AP Ferg, titled "Crystal City."

Frost God finds the artist in a particularly despondent mood, with hints of recalcitrance and self-reproach in his delivery. Well there are a few more uptempo tunes on the collection, such as "Crystal City," altogether its tone is introspective and frosty.

Lean collaborated with multi-disciplinary UK artist Dean Blunt on the shadowy video for "Fronto Kings" in November, and also contributed vocals to Frank Ocean's epochal LP Blond according to its recently-released linear notes.

This Fall, Yung Lean's Sad Boys crew accused Urban Outfitters of copying their designs.

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