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fzpz Plays Hopscotch with Synth Notes in “Crystal Chasms”

Disable your spellcheck because fzpz is here to stay.
September 2, 2015, 3:00pm
Photo by Ungku Md Ibrahim

Phyla Digital is a collective of dance music tastemakers and artists rallied by Nikhil Ramakrishnan and Harv Chail. The two friends share an interest in the electronic music coming out of Singapore and decidedly made Phyla Digital the home for new, undiscovered Singaporean artists.

fzpz is one of those artists. Details on the man behind the typo-like moniker are vague, but Ramakrishnan hails fzpz as the "brightest talent to emerge from Singapore as of late."

His track "Crystal Chasms" is a game of synth note hopscotch in a breezy concrete jungle. A breathy female vocal sample is trimmed in time with each twitch in tempo, showcasing fzpz's taste for a schizophrenic groove.

"One of the things that stood out about fzpz's work is the arrogant ease with which he is able to merge melody with beat," says Ramakrishnan. "The inherently groovy nature of this five-tracker draws influence from all sorts of styles, like hip-hop, footwork, jazz, and boom bap."

Although originally scouted by the HYBRDTHRY collective, fzpz has made Phyla his home and will continue to release with the collective. Soul Explorations, which features fzpz, will be Phyla Digital's 16th release and is out on September 15.

Phyla Digital is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud
fzpz is on Facebook // SoundCloud