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We Interviewed Denise Benson, the Author of 'Then & Now: Toronto Nightlife History'

We sat down with one of Canada's top sources for Canadian nightclubs, culture, and dance music.

Over the last four years, Denise Benson has examined and documented the history of Toronto's nightclubs and club culture in a column called Then & Now. As a DJ and journalist, Benson collected hundreds of interviews with Canadian DJs, producers, promoters, and club owners from the 1970s to now.

The column is now being turned into a book called Then & Now: Toronto Nightlife History. The book uses the same articles from the column to build a narrative around Toronto's dance music movements, trends, and changes over the last four decades.


THUMP sat down with Denise to find out more about the gentrification in Toronto and its effect on nightlife in this edition of THUMP Shorts.

Denise will host and DJ her book launch for 'Then & Now: Toronto Nightlife History' at Nest in Toronto on Thursday, July 23. Find out more information here.

'Then & Now: Toronto Nightlife History' is in stores throughout Toronto now and can be ordered online here.

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