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Ron Jaworski Thinks Beckham Hit Is the Worst Thing Ever

Ron Jaworski is wrong.

Ron Jaworski is a man who is paid to say things and say them loudly. Things like, "I've never seen a more malicious play in my 42 years in the NFL," regarding Odell Beckham's blindside hit on Josh Norman, which garnered him a one-game suspension.

Had Jaworski tuned into Pittsburgh's game against Denver, however, he would have noticed the Steelers' Cody Wallace nearly decapitating Broncos safety David Bruton:


Steelers' Cody Wallace comes in late and hits David Bruton in the head
— The Cauldron (@TheCauldron) December 20, 2015

Beckham was a more flagrant case of bad intent, but the hit itself? Standard stuff.

This is the sort of violence that the NFL legislates and, as our pals at Deadspin pointed out yesterday, once handsomely profited from. It's why the targeting penalty was enacted and still mostly exists as a moving, um, target, because it's exceedingly difficult to divorce premeditated violence from what is merely germane to the sport.

Besides, if you really want to get into a pissing contest with Jaws, Albert Haynesworth is still a thing:

As for Beckham, per Ian Rapoport, his appeal of that suspension was heard today and a ruling could come before the end of the day.

UPDATE – 5:53 ET: Beckham's suspension has been upheld.

You'll never guess who got this wrong, too:

BREAKING NEWS: Odell Beckham suspension to be OVERTURNED! (Per sources in NYC) Wow!
— Ron Jaworski (@jawsespn) December 23, 2015